COVID Testing & Vaccines At Your Place of Business

Healthcare in the Workplace

COVID-19 drove healthcare into the workplace. Companies who have a health partner will thrive as employees return to the workplace full time. Innovative Care for Business delivers convenient care to safeguard your business, prevent health-related interruptions, and benefit your employees. 

What We Offer

The following services are available at your place of business:

  • COVID testing 
  • COVID vaccines 
  • Flu shots 
  • Expert medical advice to guide policies/decision making 
  • Same-day or next-day medical appointments at our clinic 7 days/week and telemedicine 
  • On-site health clinics twice/year

Innovative Care is a trusted provider in Chicago led by Dr. Rahul Khare. We offer urgent care, primary care and behavioral health services at our brick and mortar clinics, and virtual visits via our online telemedicine platform. 

Small Investment, Big Rewards

Prevent future setbacks and protect your business by investing in employee health today. For more information or to enroll your business, visit Innovative Care for Business online. We work with companies both large and small, and we would be happy to customize a plan for your business. 

COVID-19 Workplace Testing

COVID Testing & Vaccines At Your Place of Business

  • We only serve companies in the Greater Chicagoland area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Innovative Express Care will provide your business with the necessary supplies for you to conduct PCR COVID testing on-site. The test itself is an anterior nasal swab (low to mid nasal cavity) or saliva, which the employee will perform/obtain on themselves. The test is easy and takes only a minute to perform.

Mail your swab specimens to the lab via overnight shipping at the end of your collection day and you’ll receive results the following day.

Pricing depends upon the services offered. 

Testing: Businesses who wish to have weekly testing are billed on a monthly basis when a minimum of 20 employees are tested per visit. Costs are variable based on frequency and type of testing performed. We offer PCR (gold standard) and rapid antigen tests, all of which have received FDA EUA approval. A credit card will be placed on file when you arrange employee testing. You can cancel at any time for the upcoming month, so long as your testing supplies have not already been shipped.

Vaccines, Flu Shots: Contact us for information and a customized quote for your business.