COVID Monoclonal Antibody
Treatment At Home

COVID Monoclonal Antibody Treatment At Home

Patients who are diagnosed with COVID-19 can now have a monoclonal antibody treatment in the comfort of their own home. Our COVID Home Service is available to Chicago residents within 5 miles of our Lincoln Park location (1111 W Diversey). 

How COVID Home Service Works

  • Inquire about a home monoclonal antibody treatment by completing the adjacent form. 
  • Treatment is administered in your home. The Innovative COVID Home Service team will administer the IV monoclonal antibody treatment while you rest in a comfortable chair. Monoclonal antibodies are the only FDA EUA authorized treatment for COVID-19 currently available. Having treatment at home allows you to stay put, rest up and let us do the rest. 
  • Rest and get well. Monoclonal antibodies have been shown to reduce the risk of serious illness from COVID. After your infusion, continue resting at home and manage your symptoms. If you have questions or wish to see a provider for a COVID follow up after your treatment, you may schedule a virtual visit with the Innovative Express Care team. 

Insurance Accepted

The fee for traveling to your home to administer treatment is $1,000 ($750 per patient if more than 1 person is treated). This fee is taken via credit card at the time of booking over the phone. If you decide to come into one of our clinics for infusion, there is no fee.

The infusion cost will be submitted to your insurance, or filed under the Federal CARES Act if you are uninsured. This out of pocket cost is covered in full by insurance companies 70 percent of the time. In cases where it is not covered in full by insurance, you may be required to pay a copay (usually around $50).

Protect Family Members

If you live with someone who is at risk for COVID complications, but is not yet infected, they too can get monoclonal antibodies. Proactively administering this treatment may help them avoid illness. 

Treatment at Innovative

Monoclonal antibody treatment is also available at our COVID clinics. If you chose to come to our clinic, there is no administration fee. For more information, click here.

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