Innovative COVID: Flu Vaccines Now Available

Flu Vaccines Now Available

Innovative Care now offers flu testing and flu vaccines at our dedicated COVID clinics. Flu shots offer protection against the seasonal flu and are recommended for everyone age six months and older. The 2021/22 flu vaccine protects against four flu viruses and can be administered at the same time as the COVID vaccine per the CDC

If you would like a flu vaccine during your visit at one of our COVID clinics, simply ask a member of our medical team. Flu vaccine appointments can also be made at our urgent care clinic

Testing for Flu

Patients with flu-like symptoms who come for a COVID test may also get a flu swab or strep test at the discretion of our medical providers. When you arrive for your appointment, a provider will evaluate your symptoms to determine what tests are needed. We’ll get you answers in one visit to save you time. We even have a test that will check for COVID-19 as well as influenza A and B, with one simple nasal swab. 

Get answers, get home to rest, and follow up with your provider as needed. 


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