We believe in transparency and want to provide you with up to date information on the current virus positivity rates at our testing sites. This data is based on patients who were tested that had symptoms (fever, body aches, chills, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste/smell), or who had been truly exposed (within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes) to a COVID-19 positive patient.

With this knowledge, the public can see the near real-time data of rises or falls in percentage of positive in patients at both our city and suburban locations.

Please know that this data is different than the 7-day rolling averages that Chicago publishes on a daily basis. This is because they use ALL tests (even those who have no symptoms or known exposure). It is extremely important that this point of difference is recognized. This data should NOT be compared to the 7-day rolling average in the city of Chicago.

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12/6: Average Positivity Rate = 7.93%

*Data based on rapid COVID-19 tests only


12/6: Average Positivity Rate = 21.05%

*Data based on rapid COVID-19 tests only