COVID-19 Rapid Swab Virus Testing

COVID-19 Rapid Swab Virus Test

**Please note, appointments are required**

**We must adhere to the FDA guidelines**

To qualify for the Rapid COVID-19 Swab:

Must have symptoms or must have a confirmed COVID-19 exposure

Innovative Express Care Offers the Rapid COVID-19 Test

Patients who are currently experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or who have had a known virus exposure are eligible for the rapid test. We will also perform a PCR virus swab test to ensure accuracy. The rapid test we use is Sofia SARS-CoV-2 antigen FIA by Quidel, which we believe is the most accurate same-day test on the market. 

To be clear, going to visit family in Michigan or coming from a hotspot or my roommate is having symptoms but has not been diagnosed with COVID-19, or I have to get back to work tomorrow does NOT warrant a rapid COVID-19 test. This is according to the FDA EUA given to the Quidel Sofia test we are using. Furthermore, rapid tests are hard to get, and we must use them on the right patient population to decrease the spread (not just for convenience or relief of our anxiety). Our PCR virus swab tests are coming back in 2-4 days. The CDC has advised that this is the best test for those without symptoms and without true exposure to the virus.

We now accept insurance for the rapid test. We also accept insurance for the PCR virus swab test and provider evaluation. Innovative Express Care accepts most insurance plans (PPOs, Medicare, and the Advocate hospital system HMO). If you do not have medical insurance, you may receive the COVID-19 virus swab test FREE under the (CARES) Act. Patients who have an insurance plan we do not accept, such as Medicaid, may self-pay $250 for the examination and COVID-19 swab test. If the patient also wants a rapid test, an additional $150 will be charged at the time of service.

Rapid COVID-19 results will be texted within 4 hours of the test and all will be resulted to patients by 8 PM on the same day of the test. The PCR swab test will be sent to a lab. Those results will be available in approximately 2-4 days. 

How Reliable Are the Rapid Tests?

According to the FDA EUA, they have a 99.5% agreement with the PCR lab swabs. However, we do not feel as confident as those numbers (which were self-reported and a very small sample size of 209 patients to the FDA). We feel that they have more like an 85% accuracy (per our own data of over 20,000 patients). This is the reason we ALWAYS send the PCR lab swabs to the lab on every patient. This is because if you are positive for with the rapid, it could be a false positive. Likewise, if you are negative with a rapid test, it could turn out that your PCR is positive and you do have COVID-19. This is why it is important to continue to isolate even after the rapid if you are having symptoms.

After making an appointment, you will get a series of text messages confirming your visit. You will also receive a second message asking you to provide your address and photos of your insurance card and ID. PLEASE DO THIS, as it will reduce your wait time.

Rapid Test

Flu Shots Now Available

Flu vaccines are now available to asymptomatic patients who come for COVID-19 testing. This is for your convenience. The flu vaccine is only offered as an add-on to our COVID-19 testing. If you only need a flu vaccine, please schedule an appointment at our urgent care. The vaccine costs $40 out of pocket or can be billed to insurance.

COVID-19 Testing Center

COVID-19 Testing Procedures

Drive to our new COVID-19 Testing Center (1111 W Diversey Pkwy) and park in one of our three designated parking zones (A, B, or C). Please wear ​a mask if you have one. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided to you.

Upon arrival, please walk to your designated area and check in, adhering to the 6 feet social distancing rule. Once you have checked in, you will go back to your car and wait for a provider.

A provider will then come to your car to perform an evaluation and do the testing.

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