COVID-19 Saliva Testing




Due to high demand, our schedule is often fully booked. If this occurs:

  1. Schedule an appointment at our affiliate, COVID of Chicago. COVID of Chicago offers same-day results for PCR and rapid testing. Insurance is not accepted. Self-pay prices can be found on their website here.

About COVID-19 Saliva Tests

Saliva testing is available for patients who do not have virus symptoms, and who have not had a known exposure to the virus.Innovative Express Care is among the first clinics in Chicago to offer this non-invasive virus test. Show up for your appointment, give us a saliva sample, and you are on your way. Please do not eat or drink anything 30 minutes prior to giving your saliva sample.

If you are symptomatic, or have had a known exposure to the virus, we will give you the PCR Swab Test and Rapid COVID-19 test.

For more information about the saliva test, visit our FAQs

COVID-19 Saliva Test FAQ

We use the SalivaDirect protocol/methodology, which was created by the Yale School of Public Health, and received emergency use authorization from the FDA. It offers a quick and easy way to test for the virus and produces faster results for patients.

According to Yale School of Medicine, the SalivaDirect test is highly sensitive and accurate in detecting COVID-19 94 percent of the time. The Yale Study also suggests that the SalivaDirect test may be more sensitive than the nasal swab (which is currently the gold standard), as it accurately detected COVID-19 in two cases where the nasal swab did not detect the virus. Innovative Express Care also did our own comparison and the saliva test has a correlation rate of 99 percent with the gold standard, nasopharyngeal PCR swab test.

Saliva test results will be available within 2-3 days.

For right now, we will be giving the saliva test to those who do not have symptoms and those who have not been recently exposed. As we get better data, we may change our protocols, but for now, these are for those who do not have symptoms and those not exposed.