COVID-19 Telemedicine Appointment

During this time of the COVID-19 epidemic, it is important for you to take measures to avoid people who are sick and may have the virus. However, it is also important for you to get medical attention when needed and be tested if you may have the virus.

To provide you with the best care, we are now screening patients who are worried they may have symptoms of the COVID-19 virus via a telemedicine session with our COVID-19 expert.

This is a 10-15 minute virtual appointment in which we will screen you by asking questions based on the CDC guidelines and our less stringent guidelines. If you qualify for testing, we will expedite your care here at Innovative Express Care.


  1. You are concerned about COVID-19 for you or your loved ones and need more information.
  2. You have a fever/cough and think you may need testing for COVID-19


  1. First, click book a COVID-19 screening and fill out the necessary information. This includes your name, phone number, email address and date of birth. Once that information has been completed, you will receive a text message to download the Chiron App and a text asking you to complete our health records registration (please do both).
  2. Upon downloading the app, you will be asked for credit card information, but you will NOT be charged until you see the Innovative Express Care COVID-19 expert.


  1. The cost is $100 for the screening. This is for our time, the telemedicine platform, and our expertise

What Happens After the Virtual Appointment?

There are a few things that may happen following your telemedicine appointment with our COVID-19 expert:

  1. If you qualify for testing, we will ask you to come to Innovative Express Care to get screened for COVID-19 and other illnesses or be given an order for you to get tested at another location (wherever you chose)
  2. We may tell you that no screening is necessary
  3. We may ask you to come to Innovative Express Care to get other screening tests (Influenza, Strep, Mononucleosis, etc.)
  4. We may ask you to go to the closest ER for a full evaluation due to your symptoms, co-morbidities (other medical issues you have), or something alarming on your history.